Karigador is a settlement in Republic of Croatia in the municipality Brtonigla, Istarska Županija. According to the general census in 2001, the settement Karigador has 141 citizens and 54 households.

Spitz Istra


Istra was first settled in the 11th century before Christ by the ancient tibe of Histri. From the name of the tribe derives the name Istra. Histrians were mainly occupied with hunting, fishing, carpentry, farming and trade. Today Istra is a tourism powerhouse.


Active holidays

Diving, swimming, cycling, karting, tennis, parasailing, kayak, water skiing and a lot more...

Istrian cuisine

Isrtrian cuisine offers it's variety according to nature cycle;In springtime the chef's will surprise you with wild asparagus, in summer time they will unfold seafood, in autumn they must reach for truffles. During wintertime "maneštre", cabbage and roasted sausages are prepaired in various joyfull "konoba's" . There are many more traditional dishes from Istra: homebaked bread, winesoup are for sure a part of the medival gastronomical heritage. Croatian cuisine is heterogenic and every part of Croatia has it's own gastro-tradition, where a special place is beeing occupied for istrian cuisine and it's delicacies.

“Macte animo! Generose puer sic itur ad astra!”